NOSA Menthol – odor control

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Product description

NOSA Menthol – odor control


NOSA Menthol – odor control is a discreet, effective and refreshing nose plug. It efficiently reduces bad odor up to 8 hours. without affecting your breathing capacity. The product is not intended for children under 6 years of age.

The unique design enables the user to breathe normally while reducing bad smell with a fresh menthol fragrance at the same time. The fresh scent of menthol also gives a refreshing feeling when you have a cold. Due to their composition, they minimize the risk of irritation.

NOSA Menthol –  odor control was developed by a Swedish nurse in 2016 and are still manufactured in Sweden.

This is the first solution of its kind in the world that you absolutely must try!


  • discreet and comfortable to wear
  • high breathing comfort
  • reducing bad smell with a fresh menthol fragrance
  • easy to use
  • hypoallergenic
  • up to 8 hours of effectiveness
  • 1 package contains: 7 pairs of nasal plugs


How does it work?

NOSA Menthol is a discreet nose protection developed to block out bad odours, for a better working environment. The product has a unique patented design that enables the air that you breathe in to pass through a spiral, decreasing the smell and masking it with a fresh menthol fragrance. 


Who can benefit from it?

The product is used by thousands of healthcare professionals, emergency medical services, police, waste management professionals and farm workers to improve the working conditions in smelly situations.