Everything you need to know about the drug tests parameters

We fully explain each of the 22 drug test substances, presenting their medical background and

EZCHEK Urine Analyzer: Speed, Precision, and Convenience in Diagnostics

Urine analysis is one of the fundamental diagnostic tools used in medicine. It helps identify

COVID-19 and hormones (and more)

What’s new about COVID-19? Dr Tzoulis P from the Medical School of London published a

Prof. Gladysz: Today, instead of asking WHY we need masks, we should rather, in my opinion, ask ourselves WHAT masks to wear. [INTERVIEW]

Professor, today I would like to address a topic about which it seems that everything

COVID-19 in the automotive industry – if, when and how to start?

The current situation on the market is difficult for all entrepreneurs, although there is no
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Protective masks

Respiratory protective equipment is classified as a personal protective equipment with a complex design. Their

Medical masks

Medical masks, also called surgical masks, are not among the respiratory protection measures that protect

Masks for doctors – medical and filtering half-masks FFP2 and FFP3

Masks used by doctors are primarily aimed at protecting the patient and providing him with