Charity compaigns


Association Crusar4People i.e. the organization of our parent company Crusar, started its activity in 2013. Since its foundation, the association has set itself the goal of helping the most excluded people. The primary protegees of our organization are seniors, children in educational care facilities, as well as foster families and people with disabilities.


Crusar4people is currently implementing its largest Active senior project, which is closely related to BISAF.

Goals of creation

  • Charitable activities for the elderly, equalizing their social opportunities, increasing the activity of seniors in local environments, which allows to achieve an improvement in their functioning
  • Charity activities for the benefit of the youngest by equalizing their social opportunities
  • Promoting intergenerational integration between seniors and children
  • Activities for the benefit of people with disabilities and equalization of their social opportunities
  • Activities in the field of health protection and promotion, including the dissemination of health knowledge, promotion of a healthy lifestyle and active recreation among the elderly and children.
We assist
the elderly, the youngest and the disabled
We educate
spread health knowledge and promote a healthy lifestyle
We help
achieve improved functioning and equal social opportunities

Active Senior Project

Active Senior

An active person is included in life, activities and social activities.


Thanks to the Crusar4people Association, which has been functioning for several years, and the ingenuity and commitment of the people in it, we have managed to create the space mentioned above. For some time, our Dear Seniors have had the opportunity to meet, during the periods organized by the Association, which were held at OW Rzeczka, surrounded by nature and attractions of the Owl Mountains. Their activity could envy not one teenager. Each trip is filled with activities that activate not only physically, but also intellectually, health and socially. Thanks to daily gymnastics and numerous walks along local trails and hiking paths, they strengthen their physical condition, set themselves further goals and challenges, which they pursue with small steps. They participate in educational excursions, visit facilities, i.e.


  • Castle Grodno
  • Castle Książ
  • Riese complex
  • Fortress Srebrna Góra

They benefit from lectures and talks developing their awareness of health, favorable and unfavorable factors affecting fitness and physical and mental functioning, such as the value of proper hydration of the body or a proper diet and supplementation of the body, rich in essential minerals. They use the sauna available on site, which strengthens the immune system, helps improve metabolism and has a detoxifying effect on the body. During spring and summer, trips to the fishing ground are organized, where Seniors can enjoy the beauty of nature, learn how to fish and taste the smoked fish they have caught. And in the evenings, and at any free moment, they enjoy each other’s company at playing board and card games together, talking about passions and interests, doing manual-art work and feasting together to the rhythm of guitar sounds.

Project Active Senior is an activity that gives a lot of joy and a healthy spirit to the participants above all, as well as to us – admiring the increase in activity of our Seniors.



Activities of the Association

The Association disseminates knowledge about safety and protection of life among the elderly (seniors) and children, as well as promotes and develops various forms of intellectual, mental, and physical activity of people adequately to the age, level of fitness and interests. Our organization meets the needs of people who need it most, thus improving health and the associated quality of life.

The activities of the Association focus attention on shaping a pro-health lifestyle of both seniors and children. By creating various types of activities and activities in areas affecting the development and improvement of psychophysical condition (art therapy, tourist, relaxation, gymnastic classes, classes in the field of psycho-dietetics, meetings with significant people, i.e. a policeman, occupational therapist, psychologist), the association helps to counteract the social exclusion of families, in particular children, youth, people with disabilities and the elderly.