Our factory is located in Świebodzice, where we have 2 production lines designed for the production of protective masks of the following types:  FFP2, FFP3 and their various models.


Each production line is operated by 1 operator and is able to produce three different types of masks without any modification: BM1, FFP2, FFP3. In addition, the masks can be personalized at the customer’s request. The number of layers of which the mask consists varies from 4 to 6 depending on the type. 


Masks are produced in a wide range of colours reflecting individual tastes of customers. Each of the manufactured masks is hermetically sealed in a unit packaging, thus maintaining its sterility throughout the whole production process.

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Production process

We have two production lines producing masks, which, due to their capabilities, are unique on a global scale. They are the only ones in the world that, with the right components in place, are able to autonomously produce a finished mask that has a nose gasket, two wires that close the facial cranium, and a fastened hook. Undoubtedly, this determines the complexity of the entire production process, which these two lines are able to combine, creating a unique synergy of technological thought with human input and material.


The technological line has been specially prepared for our company by the world leader in machinery production, whilst the creation and implementation of the entire project is based on our experience combined with the technological thought of the manufacturer, where both these paths aimed at creating a product that meets the needs of customers, paying particular attention to the aspect of protection of their health and life.


The flow-pack packaging method is simple, fast, versatile, and economical. The packaging material is mainly BOPP foil and BOPP foil laminates in various variants: banner, metallization, white, pearl. The machine operating in the flow-pack system can pack both large batches of products at the same time as individual pieces.

 The possibility of packing individual pieces is valuable for us because each mask, immediately after leaving the chamber where it is exposed to a UV lamp, enters a foil sleeve where it remains hermetically sealed. This allows to maintain the sterility of the whole process and provide the customer with a sterile mask whilst individual packaging guarantees the same quality for each piece.

The machine used by us is packaged in horizontal technology, i.e., it is equipped with a feeder for which masks for packaging are delivered, it is equipped with a printer that allows to place commercial information required by law on the packaging, such as: expiry date, production date, batch number. The flow-pack can be printed with information about product composition, calorie content, allergen content, but can also serve as a place for advertising and marketing content. The flow-pack method ensures tight, durable, aesthetic, and safe packaging. The flow-pack does not let air in, protects the contents during transport, protects against harmful external factors, dirt, and contamination. The flow-pack system is versatile, as you can pack items of different shapes and sizes. However, it works best with products of even, symmetrical shape, which are undoubtedly protective masks produced by us.