BV1 Analyzer
Quick diagnostics at your fingertips, test results in just a few minutes. A wide range of research. Very high sensitivity.
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BA3 Analyzer
Basic laboratory tests also available in your office. Extremely easy-to-use device and quick test result.
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BA1 Analyzer
Portable battery-powered device. Quick tests with proven quality. Friendly user interface.
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You will find a rich offer of personal protection products targeted at ensuring safety in our store. Apart from this, our offer contains services we realize thanks to our unique machines.

About us

We are a Polish manufacturer and distributor of personal protection equipment, such as filtering half-masks and diagnostic tests. We have operated on the Polish market since 2020 and we are currently expanding our activities globally. Our distinguishing feature is innovative approach to both medical world and business world, thinking “out of the box” and maintaining high quality in every single area of operations.

Be safe

Get to know our team


We are a developing team with great age diversity and non-standard workplaces. We believe that it is through intergenerational communication and connecting minds of all ages we are able to do wonders.


Our professionalism and trust we have earned in the world of medicine are rooted in our broad knowledge and competencies of extraordinary experts in medicine and psychology.

It is them who we consult our ideas with.

Andrzej Gładysz

Professor, MD, Ph.D. Specialist in the domain of internal diseases and infectious diseases.

Andrzej Milewicz

Professor, MD, Ph.D. Specialist in Internal Diseases and Endocrinologist.

Wojciech Eichelberger

Psychotherapist, trainer and business consultant.

Marzena Jankowska

Health and business psychologist

Where can you find us?

Production facility in Świebodzice

Stationary store in Warsaw


ers in Wrocław