Rapid procalcitonin test (PCT) kit

799PLN per package (25 tests)

The product is intended for professional use with an analyzer.

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Product description

Procalcitonin PCT assay (whole blood/serum/plasma) – 25pcs kit.

This kit is used for in vitro quantitative measurement of procalcitonin (PCT) concentration in human serum, plasma and whole blood. This product is used to perform the test in medical and health facilities as an aid to the diagnosis of systemic bacterial infection and sepsis in clinical practice.

Under physiological conditions, PCT is mainly synthesized and secreted by thyroid C cells, and its concentration in blood is low. During bacterial infection, it can also be produced by other cells in the body – macrophages and monocytes in the liver, lymphocytes and endocrine cells in the lungs and intestinal tissues synthesize and secrete large amounts of PCT under the influence of endotoxins, tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin-6, leading to a significant increase in serum PCT levels. In clinical diagnosis, the higher the PCT level, the more severe the infection and the worse the prognosis.
PCT levels in patients with sepsis increase earlier, which is convenient for early diagnosis and monitoring. In addition, with PCT, important markers of bacterial infection and other inflammatory conditions can be clearly distinguished. Viral infection, allergic reaction, autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection do not cause a significant increase in PCT, while bacterial infection can lead to an increase in PCT.

The product is intended for professional use with an analyzer.


  • Quick result in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Amount of blood needed for sample: 50 μl.
  • Designed for use by professionals.


  • Test instrument – test cassette (25 pcs, each cassette packed separately in an aluminum pouch).
  • Sample dilution solution – 25 pcs.
  • Alcohol-soaked cotton swab – 25 pcs.
  • Disposable pricker – 25 pcs.
  • Disposable dropper – 25 pcs.
  • Instructions for use.

Note: Do not mix items from sets of different series.


The test used for early diagnosis of sepsis in the body. According to studies, procalcitonin is widely recognized as the most sensitive marker to support the diagnosis of sepsis of bacterial origin. Procalcitonin determination is mainly used in patients in hospital emergency departments and intensive care units with symptoms indicative of sepsis. For diagnostic purposes, the PCT test should be performed on the day of the first symptoms. The test can be performed again on subsequent days to monitor the patient’s response to treatment.