BISAF drug test – 5 substances

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Product is designed for professional use.

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Product description

BISAF drug test – 5 substances

Hygienic and easy to perform saliva drug test that provides a quick result in as little as 3 minutes! It detects 5 different substances simultaneously. Its high sensitivity and specificity allow for reliable and accurate results. It was created for professional use, meeting the highest standards.

Detected substances:

  1. Amphetamine AMP
  2. Benzodiazepines BZO
  3. Cocaine COC
  4. Opiates OPI
  5. THC


  • sample material: saliva
  • painless collection of the test sample
  • high quality product
  • quick result in as little as 3 minutes!
  • product designed for professional use

The package contains

  • test panel
  • saliva swab
  • test procedure card
  • instructions manual

Before conducting a drug test, consider

The length of time since the last ingestion of the intoxicating substance – most tests are most reliable up to 3 days after the last ingestion (however, depending on the substance being tested, the detection time can be as long as 30 days).

The type of drug ingested can define the time it takes to identify the substance. Some substances persist in the body longer, others shorter


Our test is ideal for professionals in various fields who need an effective tool for detecting psychoactive substances. These may include, for example:

  • businesses and workplaces
  • medical centers and drug rehab clinics
  • schools and educational institutions
  • justice systems and police inspections
  • parents wishing to ensure the safety of their children

How to perform the test

Note: in order for the test to be performed as reliably as possible, the test should be performed immediately after saliva collection, 10 minutes before the test begins you should refrain from eating, chewing gum and smoking, and each step should follow the instructions provided.

  1. Before opening the package, bring the sachet to room temperature. Remove the test from the sealed sachet and use it within one hour.
  2. Remove the cap from the device and take a sample of oral fluid. Important: Place the absorbent pad on the upper and lower jaw and near the roots to promote saliva production. Place the end of the sponge in your mouth, actively rubbing the gums on both sides of the mouth (10-15 times) to help soak. Place the sponge under your tongue to collect a saliva sample, and keep it there until the sample appears in the test window (about 60 seconds). Then remove the device and start the timer. If the sample does not get into the test window,, repeat the procedure according to the above steps until it does. If no flow appears despite three attempts of the above steps, remove the device, discuss the procedure with the donor and perform the test again, using a new device.
  3. Place the test device on a clean and flat surface.
  4. Read the test result within 3-10 minutes.
  5. If all lines are clearly visible after 3 minutes or faster, the test result can be interpreted as negative and removed. If any lines are not visible after 3 minutes, the test should be read again after 10 minutes.