Our professionalism and trust we have earned in the world of medicine are rooted in our broad knowledge and competencies of extraordinary experts in medicine and psychology.

It is them who we consult our ideas with.

Andrzej Gładysz

Professor, MD, Ph.D. Specialist in the domain of internal diseases and infectious diseases.

Long-term Head of Infectious Diseases, Liver Diseases and Acquired Immunodeficiencies Chair at the Wrocław Medical University. Former long-term national consultant in the field of infectious diseases and former member of the Epidemiological Council by the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Since September 1995 he has been a member of the Etiology and Pathogenesis of Infections Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

He is the creator of programmes in the scope of health promotion and a national expert in the area of viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS infections.

Marzena Jankowska

Health and business psychologist

Health and business psychologist, trainer, MBA lecturer, entrepreneur. She conducts trainings in business, administration and NGOs. She is interested in what business can achieve in practice from psychology based on evidence. Researcher and promotor of the concept of mental toughness. Author of numerous publications, co-author of the book: „Automotywacja. Odkryj w sobie siłę do działania”, Warszawa: Edgard, 2015 and ebook „50 sposobów na zwiększenie siły i odporności psychicznej’.

Wojciech Eichelberger

Psychotherapist, trainer and business consultant.

In his training and therapy projects he draws reference to the concept of integral therapy which, apart from psyche also considers body, energy and spirituality of humans. Co-author and director of the Institute of Psychoimmunology in Warsaw involved, among others, in prevention of overburdens and stress-based burnout.

Andrzej Milewicz

Professor, MD, Ph.D. Specialist in internal diseases and endocrinologist.

Former head of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Isotopes Treatment Clinic and Chair at the Wrocław Medical University, Honourable member of the European Society of Endocrinology, member of the World Management Board of Endocrinological Gynaecology Society, European Gynaecology Society and Polish Endocrinology Society (mental toughness). Author of numerous publicatons, co-author of the book „Automotywacja. Odkryj w sobie siłę do działania”, Warszawa: Edgard, 2015 and ebook „50 sposobów na zwiększenie siły i odporności psychicznej’.


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