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Product description

S-Patch EX ECG Holter

The S-Patch Ex is a lightweight and wireless electrocardiograph that provides convenience for everyday use. It works by continuously monitoring ECG and HR signals and then transmitting digitally processed data to a mobile device via the dedicated S-Patch Ex app.

At the end of each ECG recording session, patients can easily upload their data to a secure cloud portal via their mobile device.


  • Carrying convenience for patients – The extremely lightweight personal device (8g) can be worn comfortably in daily life.
  • Hospital operational efficiency – Instead of handwriting, mobile apps easily record symptoms, and data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, reducing patient visits to medical facilities.
  • Diagnosis support for medical staff – Providing analytical reports using intelligent cloud-based algorithms helps medical staff make quick and accurate decisions.
  • Proven solution – S-Patch Ex is a globally certified medical device.
  • Pre-test – Control ECG (24-72 hours): The S-Patch Ex can be used to perform long-term ECG monitoring to obtain an initial assessment of a patient’s heart rhythm.

What distinguishes the S-Patch EX ECG Holter?

  • Data accumulation – 0% data loss thanks to built-in memory.
  • Symptom registration – Register symptoms with the click of a button on the device.
  • Reusable design – Compatible with all electrode standards and replaceable CR2032 battery.
  • Bluetooth – Enhanced security and performance with BLE 5.1.
  • Water resistance – Increased water resistance level to IP55.
  • Flexible localization – Flexible line for pure P-wave detection, minimized skin contact to reduce noise from the skin, less than 9 grams for wearing comfort.

What is the ECG Holter used for?

  • Detecting hidden heart rhythm abnormalities – A Holter ECG can detect and identify heart rhythm abnormalities that may be difficult to spot during routine examinations, such as an electrocardiogram. By recording the heart rate over an extended period of time, a Holter ECG can capture rare and unusual arrhythmias that may be clinically significant.
  • Monitor symptoms in real time – Holter ECG enables monitoring of a patient’s symptoms for potential heart rhythm abnormalities.
  • Personalization of treatment – with the help of the Holter ECG, the doctor can tailor the patient’s treatment to his or her individual needs.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of therapy – The ECG Holter can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy, especially in patients with already known heart rhythm disorders.

Who is the ECG Holter designed for?

  • To doctors for better diagnosis of patients.
  • Athletes.
  • Elderly individuals.
  • Patients with suspected cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Patients after a heart attack.
  • Patients with unusual heart symptoms.

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