Xprecia Prime™ and Xprecia Prime™ 4U PT/INR Test Strips

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1 pack contains 100 strips

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Product description

Xprecia Prime™ and Xprecia Prime™ 4U PT/INR Test Strips

Xprecia Prime PT/INR Test Strips are for use with the Xprecia Prime and Xprecia Prime 4U Coagulation Analyzers for quantitative Prothrombin time testing also suitable for patient self-testing. Other test strips will not work with the analyzer. The Xprecia Prime is for use by healthcare professionals and the Xprecia Prime 4U is for the purpose of patient self-testing. For both analyzers the results are reported in INR as well as in seconds. It is intended to be used to monitor patients who are stable on vitamin K antagonist therapy for at least six weeks and is not intended for use in patients who are transitioning from heparin treatment to vitamin K antagonist therapy. 

Product intended for professional use and for self-monitoring.

Learn more about the Xprecia Prime™ and Xprecia 4u analyzers.


  • For professional use (Xprecia Prime™ Analyzer) and for self-monitoring (Xprecia 4u Analyzer)
  • Fast results in as little as 60 seconds!
  • 1 Pack contains 100 strips
  • High product quality
  • Fully compatible with our Xprecia Prime™ and Xprecia 4u INR analyzers
  • Pack includes: test strips and user instruction

How to conduct the test?

The Xprecia Prime™ analyzes blood obtained from the patient’s fingertip through lancet or a small sample of venous blood.

A dedicated strip is first placed into the analyzer port. Then, the blood sample is applied to the target area of the strip and drawn into the chamber through capillarity. The Xprecia Prime™ detects the moment of blood clotting cessation, and the result is displayed on the analyzer screen in seconds or International Normalized Ratio (INR) values.


  1. Scan patient identifier: Enter the patient identifier using a barcode or touchscreen keyboard.
  2. Scan the strip: Provides calibration value, batch numbers, and expiration date information.
  3. Insert the strip: Monitors strip integrity and temperature, ensuring reliable results.
  4. Apply the sample: From a drop of blood taken from the fingertip.
  5. Detection: Results detected within 30 seconds.

Who is it intended for?

The device is intended to improve the process of monitoring the INR value and maintaining its correct level; it cannot be too low or too high, it must be adapted to the therapy and the patient, and its constant monitoring in many cases is invaluable for the effectiveness and safety of the therapy.