BISAF Drug Test – Drink Drug

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Self-monitoring product

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Product description

The Rapid GHB Detection Test, also known as the rape pill drug test, is a rapid screening test that can be performed without the use of specialized equipment. The test utilizes monoclonal antibodies to selectively detect elevated levels of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and methamphetamine in a drink. It detects the presence of the substance in just 10 minutes!

In today’s times, the growing number of cases involving the use of date rape drugs poses a serious threat during parties and social gatherings. The rapid drug detection test for drinks is an invaluable tool that allows anyone to easily and quickly check if their drink has been contaminated with dangerous substances. Introducing such a test to the market can significantly increase safety, giving people the ability to protect themselves from potentially traumatic experiences.

This product is intended for self-testing.


  • sample material: liquid (drink)
  • innovative test
  • high quality product
  • quick results in just 10 minutes!
  • single-packaging
  • product for self-testing 

The Package Contains

  • test panel
  • instruction manual

Test Application

The rapid drug detection test for drinks is intended for a wide range of users who want to increase their safety in social situations. Thanks to the ability to easily and quickly check a drink, this test can be particularly useful for individuals and institutions such as:

  • Students and young adults – Individuals attending parties, nightclubs, and festivals may fear the risk of being given a date rape drug in their drink. The test allows them to quickly check the safety of their drink.
  • Parents and guardians – Parents of teenagers and young adults may want to provide their children with extra protection during outings. Purchasing the test gives them confidence that their children can independently check their drinks.
  • Nightclub and bar owners – Clubs and bars can offer tests to their customers as a means of increasing safety and trust in their establishment. This can also serve as a marketing element promoting a safe environment for fun.
  • Non-governmental organizations and support groups – Organizations dealing with the prevention of sexual violence and supporting victims can use tests as a preventive tool during various events and educational campaigns.
  • Universities and academic campuses – Colleges can offer tests to students, especially during large events such as student parties and festivals, to ensure a safe environment for all participants.
  • Employers organizing corporate events – Companies organizing events for their employees may want to ensure a safe environment by eliminating the risk of date rape drugs in drinks. Tests can be available on-site or distributed to participants.

How to Perform the Test

  1. Before starting the test, ensure the test panel is at room temperature (15-30ºC).
  2. Remove the test panel from the sealed foil pouch and use it within one hour.
  3. Remove the plastic cap from the test panel (part with orange and red elements).
  4. With the arrows pointing downward, immerse the test panel vertically into the drink where you suspect the presence of the substance, for 10 to 15 seconds. Immerse the test strips up to the level of the wavy lines, but not above the arrows on the test panel.
  5. Replace the plastic cap and place the test panel on a flat surface.
  6. Start the timer and wait for the colored lines to appear.
  7. Read the results after 10 minutes by comparing the color in the test area with the color card in the foil pouch (3 colored squares). Do not interpret the results after 15 minutes.


Ensuring safety through access to rapid drug detection tests in drinks is not only a matter of health protection but also a fundamental right of every person to feel safe and protect their personal integrity.