COMBO Fluorecare 4-in-1 Test Influenza A+B / COVID-19 / RSV

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Product description

COMBO Fluorecare 4-in-1 Test Influenza A+B / COVID-19 / RSV

This is a rapid in vitro diagnostic test designed for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens, influenza type A (including subtype H1N1) and B, as well as RSV virus using the colloidal gold method. The test is intended for home use, with samples collected from nasal swabs either self-collected by individuals aged ≥14 years or collected from children by adults. It can be used as an aid in diagnosing infections caused by the mentioned viruses in individuals exhibiting characteristic symptoms or asymptomatic individuals (in cases where epidemiological reasons justify suspicion of infection).

1 swab = 4 results

The high accuracy of this test allows for reliable results obtained in just 12 minutes!


Product intended for self-monitoring.


  • sample material: nasal swab
  • painless collection of the test sample
  • accuracy: 96.11%
  • high product quality
  • quick result in as little as 12 minutes!
  • single-packaging
  • produckt designed for self-monitoring

The package contains

  • test cassette
  • buffer tube
  • stand
  • sterile swab
  • instruction manual

Indications for test execution

  • fever
  • headache
  • weakness
  • chills
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • contact with an infected person (Influenza A+B / COVID-19 / RSV)
  • suspected infection (Influenza A+B / COVID-19 / RSV)

Test Procedure

Note: To ensure the most accurate results, the test should be stored in a dry place at a temperature of 2-30°C and used before the expiration date. Before conducting the test, make sure that the test cassette and buffer have reached room temperature (20-25°C), wash and dry your hands using a disinfectant, and disinfect the surface on which the test will be conducted.

  1. Unscrew the cover of the buffer tube and remove the internal blue stopper, then place the tube in the stand.
  2. Remove the test cassette from the packaging and lay it flat on the surface.
  3. Carefully remove the sterile nasal swab from the packaging, avoiding touching its tip.
  4. Insert the swab into the left nostril to a depth of 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the edge of the nostril.
  5. Rotate the swab on the nostril wall (mucous membrane) 5 times to ensure proper sample collection.
  6. Repeat the process in the right nostril using the same swab.
  7. Place the swab sample in the buffer tube, then break off the protruding part of the swab and leave its lower half in the tube.
  8. Close the cover of the buffer tube.
  9. Squeeze the swab in the tube 10 times and wait for 1 minute.
  10. Unscrew the clamp at the top of the buffer tube cover.
  11. Add 2 drops of solution to each test window on the test cassette (marked with the letter “S”).*
  12. Read the result after 12 minutes from placing the sample in the test window. Results obtained after 20 minutes are invalid.


* Only add 2 drops of solution to each well of the processed sample! Adding too much or too little solution may result in incorrect test results!