COVID-19 inside Automotive industry – the Safe Employer Project


Crusar is a company which has for many years been a supplier of transport, logistics and storage solutions for the leading manufacturers in automotive industry.

Faced with the threat of COVID-19 pandemics it also assumed a new role and undertook a difficult task of supporting production plants in the scope of providing support to production plants in the scope of preparing work places appropriately to the present sanitary-epidemiological requirements. We are not however doing it alone – we are supported by the former long-term Head of Infectious Diseases Clinic and National Consultant in the area of Infectious Diseases for the Country Sanitary Inspector, Professor Andrzej  Gładysz, MD, Ph.D.

– We are aware of the fact of how important it is for the production plants to restart operations as soon as possible. These are, in fairness, workplaces for thousands of people and the consequences of longer downtimes may be catastrophic. We believe that it will soon happen and then,  proper preparation of these work places will be essential in order for them to be safe for people – states the company CEO Tomasz Lisek. He further adds that part of the production plants, both in the automotive industry and in other branches, continues to function and these safety measures ought to be implemented immediately, also due to the fact that they may be of significance to further spread of the virus. Large work facilities are considered as next locations, right after the hospitals, where infections occur the fastest – one of the reasons being the number of persons remaining in one place at once.

– We believe that at this point in time it is of utmost importance to ensure safe working conditions. Such that allow production facilities to function, while at the same time preventing further spread of the virus. We have decided to act and not to passively wait for what comes next. In the course of the last two weeks we undertook steps for our so far activity, consisting on preparing work places for one of our key clients, to become our key area of operations. It is incredible how much we were able to transform ourselves within the last days! I am confident to say that even though we are still learning a lot, we are ready to work and to fight this battle! – states Tomasz Lisek.

CRUSAR is supported in its operations by a team of experts, epidemiologists and doctors, including the previously specified Professor Andrzej Gładysz, MD, Ph.D. Since the beginning of the epidemics the company has been strongly engaged in assisting the hospitals. Some of the forwarders, due to a drop in turnover, are involved in making masks for the Wroclaw hospitals. They are actively supported by the seniors from the Active Senior project which has been run by CRUSAR for years now. Soon, the project of treating patients hospitalized in homes, realized by the Medical University of Wrocław will commence which will be serviced by CRUSAR on the logistics level.

– Cooperation in such an important project, implemented by the Medical University, helps us. We ensure not only the logistical support, but we also support the hospital in purchasing the presently difficult to access medical equipment. This leads to the necessity of remaining in constant contact with many experts, especially in the area of infectious diseases’ medicine. Thanks to this it is easier to obtain assistance of experts. We talk to them endlessly about the present situation and all the Health and Safety procedures we are now implementing have been consulted and approved by them – says Tomasz Lisek. Certain tests had to be involved here obviously – company offices and all warehouses are now fully sterile, despite the fact that the majority of employees remain on the remote mode of work.

CRUSAR team is convinced that good planning, lack of panic, caution in actions and calm and prior preparation of a production plant is key. This opinion is supported by the words of Professor Andrzej Gładysz whose experience in the scope of infectious diseases was gained in an extremely difficult moment in time – when the world was under attack by the new and unknown virus – HIV. He was one of the first doctors who in times of that pandemics dealt not only with treating patients but, above all, with prevention of spread of what was then called “the Plague of XX century”.

– Above all – even though I know how hard this is – I appeal for calm and cautions actions. Please bear in mind that we, as doctors and scientists, are now learning just as we were in the 80’ s in case of HIV. Methods of treating and behaving will be amended and updated on an ongoing basis, but we must use the knowledge we already possess in order to hinder the further spread of the virus – states Professor Gładysz.

Not everyone remembers that when in 1981 the first outbreaks occurred of the new and surprising diseases, later called AIDS, also then, similar to now, the world society was seized with fear and panic, even though the spread of that infection was and still is different. Professor Gładysz, former member of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Council, remain confident as before that apart from treatment of the sick prevention is of crucial importance. We have asked our expert how this should be done!

– Mainly through implementing the right preventive procedures based on knowledge we have by now. There is no time to waste waiting for new research results and discovering the specificity of COVID-19 virus in 100%. We need to act now, and we need to do it to our fullest ability – suggests Professor Gładysz.

CRUSAR deeply believes these words to be true. The company has in the past week significantly expanded its offer which so far had been a minor and rather niche activity of, i.e. disinfection of work places in production and warehousing companies.

– Today we are offering not only, as so far, disinfection of single work places or fork lifts but also entire industrial or commercial premises. At the moment we are preparing ourselves to kick start the project of disinfecting offices for one of the largest banks in Poland – says company CEO, Tomasz Lisek.

The company presently provides not only standard services for companies from TSL industry, though both the Forwarding and Warehousing Departments function uninterruptedly, but also those that are nowadays in the greatest need.

Apart from disinfection, CRUSAR provides consulting services in the scope of preparing workplaces so that they are safe for personnel and so that the risk of virus spread was minimized. We offer “Safe employee” sets, we elaborate instructions and procedures for companies that continue to operate as well as companies that are planning to recommence their activities in the near future.

We invite all interested parties to contact us by email – we have created a dedicated email address for the project entitled “Safe employer” – We answer all questions and doubts in the scope of adjusting a work place to the present conditions; we share our experience and instructions we have ready at disposal or we can suggest comprehensive solutions, including full disinfection conduct of a work place – says Tomasz Lisek, whilst stressing out that assistance to state authorities, medical services and managements of companies in their fight against a common enemy is now of crucial importance.

All persons who will contact the above indicated address will obtain a free-of-charge information brochure regarding the principles of minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread as well as the “Safe employer” procedure elaborated in cooperation with the Medical University on the basis of the currently available knowledge.

– We believe that only discipline, cautious actions and cooperation as well as engagement of many persons and many companies and organs will result in combating our common enemy, that is COVID. We act in such a way internally and towards our partners and clients. We need to take actions now so we can return to doing what we have been doing before sooner. We would like the producers to produce and the forwarding and transportation firms to look after their logistics. Through our present actions we wish to contribute to everything getting back to normal soon. And even though we are aware that times are tough now and perhaps they will get tougher we do not lose optimism or our fighting spirit! – states Tomasz Lisek towards the end of the interview.

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