Rapid test for H. pylori antibodies (whole blood/ serum/ plasma)

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The product is intended for professional.

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Product description

Rapid H. pylori antibody test.


Rapid H. pylori antibody test (whole blood/serum/plasma) is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of antibodies to Helicobacter pylori bacteria in human whole blood, serum or plasma samples. This kit is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of H. pylori infection.

H. pylori is a small spiral-shaped bacterium that lives on the surface of the stomach and duodenum. It is involved in the etiology of many gastrointestinal diseases , including duodenal and gastric ulcers, non-ulcer dyspepsia and active and chronic gastritis.

The product is intended for professional.


  • Painless collection of the test sample.
  • Quick result in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Specificity: 99%.
  • Concordance: 98.5%.
  • Sensitivity: 97.4%.
  • High quality product.
  • Single pack.
  • Designed for use by professionals.